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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.461 NO.1 / 2008 )
home On asymptotic partition functions for root systems.
Pages 339-348
Tatsuru Takakura,
home Finite fields and Galois geometries.
Pages 251-265
J. A. Thas,
home The simplex code over Galois rings.
Pages 241-249
H. Tapia-Recillas,
home Dickson permutation polynomials that decompose in cycles of the same length.
Pages 229-239
Ivelisse M. Rubio, Gary L. Mullen, Carlos Corrada, Francis N. Castro,
home Cocyclic Butson Hadamard matrices and codes over $Bbb Z_n$ via the trace map.
Pages 213-228
N. Pinnawala, A. Rao,
home Reduced linear modular systems.
Pages 205-212
Edusmildo Orozco,
home Equidistribution of roots of $L$-function of Gold exponential sum.
Pages 199-204
V. Kumar Murty, Kenneth W. Shum,
home Kasami bent functions are not equivalent to their duals.
Pages 187-197
Philippe Langevin, Gregor Leander, Gary McGuire,
home Order dividing extension fields and the root computation problem.
Pages 179-185
Anna M. Johnston,
home What can be used instead of a Barker sequence?
Pages 153-178
Jonathan Jedwab,
home Character sums for sequences of iterations of Dickson polynomials.
Pages 147-151
Domingo Gomez, Arne Winterhof,
home Some remarks on the Hasse-Arf theorem.
Pages 141-146
Arnaldo Garcia, Henning Stichtenoth,
home Discrete logarithms in curves over finite fields.
Pages 119-139
Andreas Enge,
home On the distribution of the elliptic curve power generator.
Pages 111-118
Edwin El-Mahassni, Igor E. Shparlinski,
home Toward a complete twin primes theorem for polynomials over finite fields.
Pages 103-110
Gove Effinger,
home Ring theoretic study of linear codes using additive polynomials.
Pages 91-102
Vinay Deolalikar,
home Dickson polynomial permutations.
Pages 79-90
Mihai Cipu, Stephen D. Cohen,
home New bounds on some parameters in the Waring problem for polynomials over a finite field.
Pages 59-77
Mireille Car,
home A multi-level blocking distinct-degree factorization algorithm.
Pages 47-58
Richard P. Brent, Paul Zimmermann,
home Subsequences of Sidelnikov sequences.
Pages 33-45
Nina Brandst¨atter, Arne Winterhof,