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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.460 NO.1 / 2008 )
home On liftings of local torus actions to fiber bundles.
Pages 391-401
Takahiko Yoshida,
home K-theory of torus manifolds.
Pages 385-389
V. Uma,
home Permutation actions on equivariant cohomology of flag varieties.
Pages 365-384
Julianna S. Tymoczko,
home Torus actions of complexity one.
Pages 349-364
Dmitri Timashev,
home A survey of hypertoric geometry and topology.
Pages 323-338
Nicholas J. Proudfoot,
home Categorical aspects of toric topology.
Pages 293-322
Taras E. Panov, Nigel Ray,
home The quasi $KO$-types of certain toric manifolds.
Pages 287-292
Yasuzo Nishimura,
home Classification problems of toric manifolds via topology.
Pages 273-286
Mikiya Masuda, Dong Youp Suh,
home Graphs of 2-torus actions.
Pages 261-272
Zhi Lu,
home The geometry of toric hyperkähler varieties.
Pages 241-260
Hiroshi Konno,
home Orbifold cohomology reloaded.
Pages 231-240
Takashi Kimura,
home Logarithmic functional and reciprocity laws.
Pages 221-229
Askold Khovanskii,
home The symplectic volume and intersection pairings of the moduli spaces of spatial polygons.
Pages 209-219
Yasuhiko Kamiyama,
home Tropical toric geometry.
Pages 197-207
Takeshi Kajiwara,
home Act globally, compute locally: group actions, fixed points, and localization.
Pages 179-195
Tara S. Holm,
home Invariance property of orbifold elliptic genus for multi-fans.
Pages 141-178
Akio Hattori,
home The quantization of a toric manifold is given by the integer lattice points in the moment polytope.
Pages 131-140
Mark D. Hamilton,
home Homotopy theory and the complement of a coordinate subspace arrangement.
Pages 111-130
Jelena Grbic,
home Weighted hyperprojective spaces and homotopy invariance in orbifold cohomology.
Pages 99-110
Rebecca Goldin,
home Freeness of equivariant cohomology and mutants of compactified representations.
Pages 87-98
Matthias Franz, Volker Puppe,