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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.457 NO.1 / 2008 )
home Symbol-crunching with the gambler's ruin problem.
Pages 285-292
Doron Zeilberger,
home Which partial sums of the Taylor series for $e$ are convergents to $e$?
Pages 273-284
Jonathan Sondow, Kyle Schalm,
home Disturbing the $q$-Dyson conjecture.
Pages 265-271
Andrew V. Sills,
home Some Euler-type integrals and a new rational series for Euler's constant.
Pages 253-264
Olivier Oloa,
home An isodiametric problem for equilateral polygons.
Pages 237-252
Michael J. Mossinghoff,
home Computer algebra for special function inequalities.
Pages 215-235
Manuel Kauers,
home On the Laplace transform of the psi function.
Pages 205-214
M. Lawrence Glasser, Dante Manna,
home Some properties of the inverse error function.
Pages 191-203
Diego Dominici,
home Multidimensional radix representations and hot spot theorem.
Pages 181-190
Eva Curry,
home An experimental approach to equation-solving: symmetry and dynamics.
Pages 161-180
Scott Crass,
home Conjecturing the optimal order of the components of the Li/Keiper constants.
Pages 135-159
Mar W. Coffey,
home Using integer relations algorithms for finding relationships among functions.
Pages 127-133
Marc Chamberland,
home Hypergeometric functions related to series acceleration formulas.
Pages 113-125
David M. Bradley,
home Questionable claims found in Ramanujan's lost notebook.
Pages 69-98
Bruce C. Berndt, O-Yeat Chan, Sung-Geun Lim, Alexandru Zaharescu,
home On the collection of integers that index the fixed points of maps on the space of rational functions.
Pages 53-67
Curtis D. Bennet, Edward Mosteig,
home Computer-assisted discovery and proof.
Pages 21-52
David H. Bailey, Jonathan M. Borwein,
home Two dimensional directed lattice walks with boundaries.
Pages 1-19
Arvind Ayyer, Doron Zeilberger,