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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.453 NO.1 / 2008 )
home The kissing number, blocking number and covering number of a convex body.
Pages 529-548
Chuanming Zong,
home An Erdős-Szekeres type problem for interior points.
Pages 515-528
Xianglin Wei, Ren Ding,
home k-sets and $k$-facets.
Pages 443-513
Uli Wagner,
home On empty hexagons.
Pages 433-441
Pavel Valtr,
home Line problems in nonlinear computational geometry.
Pages 411-432
Frank Sottile, Thorsten Theobald,
home Pseudo-triangulations—a survey.
Pages 343-410
G¨unter Rote, Francisco Santos, Ileana Streinu,
home The discharging method in combinatorial geometry and the Pach-Sharir conjecture.
Pages 319-342
Radoˇs Radoiˇci´c, G´eza T´oth,
home Unfolding orthogonal polyhedra.
Pages 307-317
Joseph O’Rourke,
home An improved, simple construction of many halving edges.
Pages 299-305
Gabriel Nivasch,
home Recent progress on line transversals to families of translated ovals.
Pages 283-297
Andreas Holmsen,
home Persistent homology—a survey.
Pages 257-282
Herbert Edelsbrunner, John Harer,
home All polygons flip finitely$ldots$ right?
Pages 231-255
Erik D. Demaine, Blaise Gassend, Joseph O’Rourke, Godfried T. Toussaint,
home Expansive motions.
Pages 213-229
Robert Connelly,
home Algorithmic semi-algebraic geometry and topology—recent progress and open problems.
Pages 139-212
Saugata Basu,
home The computational complexity of convex bodies.
Pages 117-137
Alexander Barvinok, Ellen Veomett,
home On simple arrangements of lines and pseudo-lines in $Bbb P^2$ and $Bbb R^2$ with the maximum number of triangles.
Pages 105-116
Nicolas Bartholdi, J´er´emy Blanc, S´ebastien Loisel,
home Extremal problems for convex lattice polytopes: a survey.
Pages 87-103
Imre B´ar´any,
home Metric graph theory and geometry: a survey.
Pages 49-86
Hans-J¨urgen Bandelt, Victor Chepoi,
home State of the union (of geometric objects).
Pages 9-48
Pankaj K. Agarwal, J´anos Pach, Micha Sharir,
home Musings on discrete geometry and "20 years of discrete & computational geometry''.
Pages 1-7
Branko Gr¨unbaum,