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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.451 NO.1 / 2008 )
home Structure of the set of dyadic PFW's.
Pages 263-291
H. ˇSiki´c, D. Speegle, G. Weiss,
home Error estimates for the PSWF method in MRI.c
Pages 249-262
Gilbert G. Walter, Tatiana S,
home Characterization of minimizers of convex regularization functionals.
Pages 219-248
Christiane P¨oschl, Otmar Scherzer,
home Coxeter groups and wavelet sets.
Pages 187-218
David R. Larson, Peter Massopust,
home Operator-valued frames on $C^*$-modules.
Pages 171-185
Victor Kaftal, David Larson, Shuang Zhang,
home Frame analysis and approximation in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces.
Pages 151-169
Palle E. T. Jorgensen,
home Operator theory and modulation spaces.
Pages 137-150
Christopher Heil, David Larson,
home Coxeter groups, wavelets, multiresolution and sampling.
Pages 119-135
Mihaela Dobrescu, Gestur ´Olafsson,
home Texture identification of tissues using directional wavelet, ridgelet and curvelet transforms.
Pages 89-118
Lucia Dettori, Ahmed I. Zayed,
home Fractal wavelets of Dutkay-Jorgensen type for the Sierpinski gasket space.
Pages 69-88
Jonas D’Andrea, Kathy D. Merrill, Judith Packer,
home Short-time Fourier transform analysis of localization operators.
Pages 47-68
Elena Cordero, Luigi Rodino,
home p-adic pseudodifferential operators and wavelets.
Pages 33-45
Nguyen Minh Chuong, Nugyen Van Co,
home Classes of finite equal norm Parseval frames.
Pages 11-31
Peter G. Casazza, Nicole Leonhard,
home Haar-type orthonormal systems, data presentation as Riesz products and a recognition on symbolic sequences.
Pages 1-9
Nikolaos D. Atreas, C. Karanikas,