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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.450 NO.1 / 2008 )
home Locally noncommutative space-times.
Pages 301-311
Stefan Waldmann,
home Non-commutative quasi-Hamiltonian spaces.
Pages 273-299
quasi-Hamiltonian spaces,
home Deformation quantization modules on complex symplectic manifolds.
Pages 259-271
Pierre Schapira,
home Lectures on PROPs, Poisson geometry and deformation quantization.
Pages 223-257
S. A. Merkulov,
home Lectures on pure spinors and moment maps.
Pages 199-222
E. Meinrenken,
home A note on Poisson homogeneous spaces.
Pages 173-198
Jiang-Hua Lu,
home Deformation quantization of a Kähler-Poisson structure vanishing on a Levi nondegenerate hypersurface.
Pages 163-171
Alexander V. Karabegov,
home Deformation of graded Poisson (Batalin-Vilkovisky) structures.
Pages 147-161
Noriaki IKEDA,
home Orbifold cohomology of abelian symplectic reductions and the case of weighted projective spaces.
Pages 127-146
Tara S. Holm,
home Poisson reduction and the Hamiltonian structure of the Euler-Yang-Mills equations.
Pages 113-126
Franc¸ois Gay-Balmaz, Tudor S. Ratiu,
home Examples of higher order stable singularities of Poisson structures.
Pages 103-111
Jean-Paul Dufour,
home Deformation quantization and reduction.
Pages 79-101
Alberto S. Cattaneo,
home Generalized Kähler and hyper-Kähler quotients.
Pages 61-77
Henrique Bursztyn, Gil R. Cavalcanti, Marco Gualtieri,
home Poisson fibrations and fibered symplectic groupoids.
Pages 41-59
Olivier Brahic, Rui Loja Fernandes,
home Group-like objects in Poisson geometry and algebra.
Pages 25-39
Christian Blohmann, Alan Weinstein,
home Quantized anti de Sitter spaces and non-formal deformation quantizations of symplectic symmetric spaces.
Pages 1-24
Pierre Bieliavsky, Laurent Claessens, Daniel Sternheimer, Yannick Voglaire,