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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.448 NO.1 / 2007 )
home Jet schemes of determinantal varieties
Pages 261-270
C. Yuen,
home Variation of hyperplane sections
Pages 255-260
M. A. van Opstall, R. Veliche,
home Irrelevant exceptional divisors for curves on a smooth surface
Pages 245-254
K. E. Smith, H. M. Thompson,
home Divisor class groups of graded hypersurfaces
Pages 237-243
A. K. Singh, S. Spiroff,
home Efficiently detecting torsion points and subtori
Pages 215-235
J. M. Rojas,
home On the multiplicity conjecture
Pages 207-214
R. M. Miró-Roig,
home Finding all real points of a complex curve
Pages 183-205
Y. Lu, D. J. Bates, A. J. Sommese, C. W. Wampler,
home Ample vector bundles with sections vanishing on submanifolds of sectional genus three
Pages 165-182
A. Lanteri, H. Maeda,
home Unobstructedness and dimension of families of codimension 3 ACM algebras
Pages 141-164
J. O. Kleppe, R. M. Miró-Roig,
home Minimal homogeneous liaison and licci ideals
Pages 129-139
C. Huneke, J. Migliore, U. Nagel, B. Ulrich,
home Some finiteness properties of Lyubeznik's $scr F$-modules
Pages 119–127
M. Hochster,
home Projectively full ideals in Noetherian rings, a survey
Pages 33–42
C. Ciuperca, W. Heinzer, J. Ratliff, D. Rush,
home Resolutions of square-free monomial ideals via facet ideals: a survey
Pages 91-117
H. T. Há, A. Van Tuyl,
home Lifting the determinantal property
Pages 69–89
E. Gorla,
home A minimal generating set for the first syzygies of a monomial ideal
Pages 63–68
J. A. Eagon,
home Cohomological degrees and the HomAB conjecture
Pages 43-61
K. Dalili, W. V. Vasconcelos,
home Examples and counterexamples on the conjectured Hilbert function of multiple points
Pages 13–31
K. A. Chandler,
home Instability of projective reconstruction from 1-view near critical configurations in higher dimensions
Pages 1–12
M. Bertolini, G. M. Besana, C. Turrini,