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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.435 NO.1 / 2007 )
home Spectra of algebras of analytic functions and polynomials on Banach spaces
Pages 381–394
Andriy Zagorodnyuk,
home Zero product preservers of $C^*$-algebras
Pages 377–380
Ngai-Ching Wong,
home A variation of Takesaki duality for ordered abelian groups and Arveson''s spectral subspaces
Pages 371–376
Keiichi Watanabe,
home Moments from their very truncations
Pages 363–370
Franciszek Hugon Szafraniec,
home Topological joint spectrum of generators and continuous characters
Pages 355–362
Andrzej Soltysiak,
home On complex Banach submanifolds of a Banach space
Pages 343–354
Imre Patyi,
home Examples of Banach spaces that are not Banach algebras
Pages 335–342
Ryan Mullen,
home A survey of certain algebraic equations in commutative $C^*$-algebras
Pages 327–333
Takeshi Miura, Dai Honma,
home When do quasi-similar operators have the same essential spectrum?
Pages 311–326
T. L. Miller, V. G. Miller, M. M. Neumann,
home Spectral isometries. II
Pages 301–309
Martin Mathieu, Conal Ruddy,
home Topological structures of the spaces of composition operators on spaces of analytic functions
Pages 283–299
J. S. Manhas,
home Weakly peripherally-multiplicative mappings between uniform algebras
Pages 265–281
Scott Lambert, Aaron Luttman, Thomas Tonev,
home The general strict topology on topological modules
Pages 253–263
Liaqat Ali Khan,
home Approximation properties for subalgebras of $C_0(X)$
Pages 245–252
Jukka Kauppi,
home Asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants generated by functions with Fourier coefficients in weighted Orlicz sequence classes
Pages 229–243
Alexei Yu. Karlovich,
home Copies of $l_p$ and $c_0$ in general quasi-normed Orlicz-Lorentz sequence spaces
Pages 207–227
Anna Kami´nska, Yves Raynaud,
home Surjections on the algebras of continuous functions which preserve peripheral spectrum
Pages 199–205
Dai Honma,
home Strong semisimplicity and finite-dimensionality in Ambrose algebras
Pages 191–198
Marina Haralampidou,
home Closed sums of marginal subspaces of Banach function spaces
Pages 183–190
J. J. Grobler,
home Semi-homogeneous bases in Orlicz sequence spaces
Pages 171–181
Marcos Gonz´alez, B¨unyamin Sarı, Marek W´ojtowicz,