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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.429 NO.1 / 2007 )
home On binary fluid mixtures
Pages 257–278
Konstantina Trivisa,
home Stochastic analysis and the KdV equation
Pages 245–256
Setsuo Taniguchi,
home Pointwise Fourier inversion in analysis and geometry
Pages 233–243
Mark A. Pinsky,
home General relative entropy in a nonlinear McKendrick model
Pages 205–232
P. Michel,
home Homogenization of stochastic Hamilton-Jacobi equations: brief review of methods and applications
Pages 189–204
Elena Kosygina,
home Prototype hybrid couplings of macroscopic deterministic models and microscopic stochastic lattice dynamics
Pages 143–187
M. A. Katsoulakis, A. J. Majda, A. Sopasakis,
home On a class of one-dimensional Markov processes with continuous paths
Pages 131–142
Nobuyuki Ikeda, Yukio Ogura,
home Heat equations on manifolds and Bismut's formula
Pages 121–130
Elton P. Hsu,
home Recent developments in stochastic differential equations
Pages 111–119
Shizan FANG,
home Smoluchowski Navier-Stokes systems
Pages 85–109
Peter Constantin,
home Spectral properties of subordinate processes in domains
Pages 77–84
Zhen-Qing Chen, Renming Song,
home Entropy solutions to conservation laws with discontinuous fluxes via microscopic interacting particle systems
Pages 63–76
Gui-Qiang Chen, Nadine Even, Christian Klingenberg,
home Modified Keller-Segel system and critical mass for the log interaction kernel
Pages 45–62
Vincent Calvez, Benoˆıt Perthame, Mohsen Sharifi tabar,
home Error estimates for finite difference-quadrature schemes for a class of nonlocal Bellman equations with variable diffusion
Pages 19–31
Imran H. Biswas, Espen R. Jakobsen, Kenneth H. Karlsen,
home Construction of suitable weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations
Pages 1–18
Andrei Biryuk, Walter Craig, Slim Ibrahim,