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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.427 NO.1 / 2007 )
home Operator algebras on locally convex spaces
Pages 431–442
Wieslaw Zelazko,
home On dual coordinate systems
Pages 425–429
Yannis Tsertos,
home Bounded and strongly bounded elements in Banach quasi $ast$-algebras
Pages 417–424
Camillo Trapani,
home Uniform algebra isomorphisms and peripheral spectra
Pages 401–416
N. V. Rao, T. V. Tonev, E. T. Toneva,
home On strictly flat Fréchet modules
Pages 389–399
Christina P. Podara,
home Homologically trivial Fréchet algebras
Pages 367–387
Alexei Yu. Pirkovskii, Yurii V. Selivanov,
home Strictly flat cyclic Fréchet modules and approximate identities
Pages 359–366
A. Yu. Pirkovskii,
home Description of closed maximal one-sided ideals in several classes of real Gelfand-Mazur algebras
Pages 345–357
Olga Panova,
home On combinatorially regular Fréchet algebra
Pages 339–343
Ali Oukhouya,
home On different versions of Vidav-Palmer theorem
Pages 331–338
Mohamed Oudadess,
home Locally $A$-convex algebras revisited
Pages 319–329
L. Oubbi,
home Spectral decomposition and duality in commutative locally $C^*$-algebras
Pages 303–317
George F. Nassopoulos,
home Topological algebras with continuous characters
Pages 291–302
Abdelhak Najmi,
home On combinatorially regular topological algebras
Pages 285–290
Anastasios Mallios, Ali Oukhouya,
home On algebra spaces
Pages 263–283
Anastasios Mallios,
home Another proof of the Shirali-Ford theorem
Pages 259–261
Michael Leinert,
home Representation of extensions, of $Bbb C$, endowed with a discrete absolute value
Pages 255–257
A. Lazraq Khlass, M. Oudadess,
home Topological algebras and quantum cosmology
Pages 253–254
Gerd Lassner,
home Commutativity criteria for Gelfand-Mazur algebras
Pages 247–251
Arne Kokk,
home A Radon-Nikodým theorem for completely multi-positive linear maps and its applications
Pages 235–245
Maria Joita,