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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.421 NO.1 / 2007 )
home Adjoining a root does not decrease the rank
Pages 269–273
Richard Weidmann,
home Density of test elements in finite abelian groups
Pages 261–268
Chuck F. Rocca Jr.,
home On the Rosenberger monster
Pages 251–260
Robert Fitzgerald Morse,
home Nilpotent $Bbb Q[x]$-powered groups
Pages 227–249
Stephen Majewicz,
home Torsion in maximal arithmetic Fuchsian groups
Pages 213–225
C. Maclachlan,
home Transitivity of normality and pronormal subgroups
Pages 201–212
L. A. Kurdachenko, I. Ya. Subbotin,
home Quotient tests and Gröbner bases
Pages 187–200
Martin Kreuzer, Alexei Myasnikov, Gerhard Rosenberger, Alexander Ushakov,
home Using group theory for knowledge representation and discovery
Pages 169–186
Gabriele Kern-Isberner,
home An algorithm for potentially positive words in $F_2$
Pages 157–168
Richard Goldstein,
home Informative words and discreteness
Pages 147–155
Jane Gilman,
home Autocommutators and the autocommutator subgroup
Pages 137–146
David Garrison, Luise-Charlotte Kappe, Denise Yull,
home Context-free irreducible word problems in groups
Pages 125–136
Ana Fonseca, Richard M. Thomas,
home Finitely presented infinite torsion groups and a question of V. H. Dyson
Pages 119–123
Benjamin Fine, Anthony M. Gaglione, Dennis Spellman,
home Unions of varieties and quasivarieties
Pages 113–118
Benjamin Fine, Anthony M. Gaglione, Dennis Spellman,
home Presentations of groups involving more generators than are necessary. II
Pages 101–112
Martin J. Evans,
home Commutativity of units in group rings
Pages 87–99
Osnel Broche Cristo, Cesar Polcino Milies,
home Normal subgroups of the modular group and other Hecke groups
Pages 65–86
Marston Conder, Peter Dobcsanyi,
home Gröbner basis techniques in the computation of two-sided syzygies
Pages 45–64
Holger Bluhm, Martin Kreuzer,
home A proposed public key cryptosystem using the modular group
Pages 35–43
Gilbert Baumslag, Benjamin Fine, Xiaowei Xu,
home A note on nondiscrimination of nilpotent groups and Mal'ʹcev completions
Pages 29–34
G. Baumslag, B. Fine, A. M. Gaglione, D. Spellman,