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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.417 NO.1 / 2006 )
home Vadim Borisovich Kuznetsov 1963–2005.
Pages 357-360
B. D. Sleeman, Evgeny K. Sklyan,
home A multiparameter summation formula for Riemann theta functions.
Pages 345-353
Vyacheslav P. Spiridonov,
home Explicit computation of the $q,t$-Littlewood-Richardson coefficients.
Pages 335-343
Michael Schlosser,
home A difference-integral representation of Koornwinder polynomials.
Pages 319-333
Eric M. Rains,
home Limits of $BC$-type orthogonal polynomials as the number of variables goes to infinity.
Pages 281-318
Andrei Okounkov, Grigori Olshanski,
home A short proof of generalized Jacobi-Trudi expansions for Macdonald polynomials.
Pages 271-280
Michel Lassalle,
home A method to derive explicit formulas for an elliptic generalization of the Jack polynomials.
Pages 257-270
Edwin Langmann,
home Factorization of symmetric polynomials.
Pages 239-256
Vadim B. Kuznetsov, Evgeny K. Sklyanin,
home Lowering and raising operators for some special orthogonal polynomials.
Pages 227-238
Tom H. Koornwinder,
home Coincident root loci and Jack and Macdonald polynomials for special values of the parameters.
Pages 207-225
M. Kasatani, T. Miwa, A.N. Sergeev, A.P. Veselov,
home Triple groups and Cherednik algebras.
Pages 183-206
Bogdan Ion, Siddhartha Sahi,
home Quantization, orbifold cohomology, and Cherednik algebras.
Pages 171-182
Pavel Etingof, Alexei Oblomkov,
home Asymptotics of multivariate orthogonal polynomials with hyperoctahedral symmetry.
Pages 157-169
J.F. van Diejen,
home Well-poised Macdonald functions $W_lambda$ and Jackson coefficients ωλ on $BC_n$.
Pages 127-155
Hasan Coskun, Robert A. Gustafson,
home First letter from Henry Jack to G. de B. Robinson.
Pages 121-123
Henry Jack,
home Commentary on the previous paper
Pages 107-120
I.G. Macdonald,
home A class of polynomials in search of a definition, or the symmetric group parametrized.
Pages 75-106
Henry Jack,
home A class of symmetric polynomials with a parameter.
Pages 57-74
Henry Jack,
home On certain symmetric functions.
Pages 43-56
D.E. Littlewood,
home The algebra of partitions.
Pages 23-41
I.G. Macdonald,