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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.415 NO.1 / 2006 )
home On the trace formula for quantum star graphs.
Pages 293-307
B. Winn,
home The quantum graph as a limit of a network of physical wires.
Pages 283-291
Uzy Smilansky, Michael Solomyak,
home A relation between the bond scattering matrix and the spectral counting function for quantum graphs.
Pages 269-282
Holger Schanz,
home Quantum mechanics, superconductivity and fluid flow in narrow networks.
Pages 251-268
Jacob Rubinstein,
home On the limiting absorption principle and spectra of quantum graphs.
Pages 241-249
Beng-Seong Ong,
home Transition from a network of thin fibers to the quantum graph: an explicitly solvable model.
Pages 227-239
Stanislav Molchanov, Boris Vainberg,
home Laplacians on metric graphs: eigenvalues, resolvents and semigroups.
Pages 201-225
Vadim Kostrykin, Robert Schrader,
home Fluctuation statistics for quantum star graphs.
Pages 191-200
J.P. Keating,
home What are zeta functions of graphs and what are they good for?
Pages 173-189
Matthew D. Horton, H. M. Stark, Audrey A. Terras,
home Local spectral density and vacuum energy near a quantum graph vertex.
Pages 161-172
Stephen A. Fulling,
home Determinant of the Schrödinger operator on a metric graph.
Pages 151-160
Leonid Friedlander,
home Small diffusion asymptotics for exit problems on graphs.
Pages 137-150
Mark Freidlin, Matthias Weber,
home Resistance of random Sierpiński gaskets.
Pages 121-136
Daniel Fontaine, Thomas Smith, Alexander Teplyaev,
home Approximations of permutation-symmetric vertex couplings in quantum graphs.
Pages 109-120
Pavel Exner, Ondˇrej Turek,
home Weighted Laplacians and the sigma function of a graph.
Pages 93-107
Fan Chung, Ross M. Richardson,
home Localization on Avron-Exner-Last graphs. I. Local perturbations.
Pages 81-91
Kingwood Chen, Stanislav Molchanov, Boris Vainberg,
home Linear network models related to blood flow.
Pages 65-80
Robert Carlson,
home The spectral form factor for quantum graphs with spin-orbit coupling.
Pages 51-64
Jens Bolte, Jonathan Harrison,
home Form factor expansion for large graphs: a diagrammatic approach.
Pages 35-49
Gregory Berkolaiko,
home Metrized graphs, Laplacian operators, and electrical networks.
Pages 15-33
Matthew Baker, Xander Faber,