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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.412 NO.1 / 2006 )
home Geometric optics and the wave equation on manifolds with corners.
Pages 315-333
Andr´as Vasy,
home Computed eigenmodes of planar regions.
Pages 297-314
Lloyd N. Trefethen, Timo Betcke,
home Expansions associated with 1d periodic differential operators of order 4.
Pages 283-296
Vadim Tkachenko,
home Preservation of the absolutely continuous spectrum: some extensions of a result by Molchanov-Novitskii-Vainberg.
Pages 271-281
Alexei Rybki,
home Recovering boundary conditions in inverse Sturm-Liouville problems.
Pages 263-270
Norbert R¨ohrl,
home The scattering relation and the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map.
Pages 249-262
Leonid Pestov, Gunther Uhlmann,
home Ground-state energy of a dilute Fermi gas.
Pages 239-247
Elliott H. Lieb, Robert Seiringer, Jan Philip Solovej,
home Time of arrival in quantum mechanics and the quantum Zeno effect.
Pages 227-237
Richard Lavine,
home Optimization of the minimum eigenvalue for a class of second order differential operators.
Pages 207-226
Don Hinton, Maeve L. McCarthy,
home Schrödinger operators with strong magnetic fields of compact support.
Pages 199-205
Rainer Hempel,
home Recent results on non-adiabatic transitions in quantum mechanics.
Pages 183-198
George A. Hagedorn, Alain Joye,
home Resonances and summation of divergent series.
Pages 171-181
G. Gallavo,
home A Dirichlet-to-Neumann map approach to resonance gaps and bands of periodic networks.
Pages 151-169
Colin Fox, Vladimir Oleinik, Boris Pavlov,
home Necklaces with interacting beads: isoperimetric problems.
Pages 141-149
Pavel Exner,
home On self-adjoint and $J$-self-adjoint Dirac-type operators: a case study.
Pages 103-140
Steve Clark, Fritz Gesztesy,
home A variational approach to inverse problems for anisotropic systems.
Pages 87-102
B. M. Brown, M. Jais, P. C. Kalmbach,
home A nonlinear fourth-order minimization problem.
Pages 79-85
Rafael D. Benguria,
home On Hardy type inequalities.
Pages 69-77
Alexander A. Balinsky, Alexey E. Tyukov,
home Outgrowths of Hardy's inequality.
Pages 51-68
Wolfgang Arendt, Gis`ele Ruiz Goldstein, Jerome A. Goldstein,
home Sampling theorems associated with differential operators iterated from lower order ones.
Pages 31-50
M. H. Annaby, G. Freiling, I. A. Soliman,