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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.410 NO.1 / 2006 )
home The role of transactional sex in spreading HIV in Nigeria.
Pages 367-389
S. Tennenbaum, T.G. Kassem, S. Roudenko, C. Castillo-Chavez,
home Current research issues in mosquito-borne diseases modeling.
Pages 349-366
C. J. Struchiner, P. M. Luz, C. T. Codec¸o, F. C. Coelho, E. Massad,
home Seasonality of rotavirus infection with its vaccination.
Pages 327-347
E. Shim, H.T. Banks, C. Castillo-Chavez,
home Models for dengue transmission and control.
Pages 311-326
F. S´anchez, M. Engman, L. Harrington, C. Castillo-Chavez,
home Epidemic spread in populations at demographic equilibrium.
Pages 297-309
Karen R. R´ıos-Soto, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Michael G. Neubert, Edriss S. Titi, Abdul-Aziz Yakubu,
home Application of NSFD methods to the numerical integration of bio-sciences differential equation models.
Pages 279-296
Ronald E. Mickens,
home Models for the spread of HIV/AIDS: trends in southern Africa.
Pages 259-277
E. M. Lungu, M. Kgosimore, F. Nyabadza,
home Moving beyond averages: individual-level variation in disease transmission.
Pages 235-258
James O. Lloyd-Smith, Sebastian J. Schreiber, Wayne M. Getz,
home Infection dynamics on small-world networks.
Pages 209-234
Alun L. Lloyd, Steve Valeika, Ariel Cintr´on-Arias,
home Optimal control methods applied to disease models.
Pages 187-207
Hem Raj Joshi, Suzanne Lenhart, Michael Y. Li, Liancheng Wang,
home Understanding a killer: a predictive model for tumor development.
Pages 173-185
Yi Jiang,
home Cancer modeling: a perspective on what's new and what's next.
Pages 153-171
T. L. Jackson, R. Ashkenazi, S. Heusel, H. V. Jain,
home Optimal therapy regimens for treatment-resistant mutations of HIV.
Pages 139-152
Weiqing Gu, Helen Moore,
home Population dynamics of developmental deficits due to an environmental neurotoxicant.
Pages 129-138
Thomas J. Emerson,
home Impact of prophylactic vaccination against human papillomavirus infection.
Pages 113-127
Elamin H. Elbash,
home Some promising approaches to tumor-immune modeling.
Pages 89-112
L. G. de Pillis, A. E. Radunskaya,
home Critical response to post-outbreak vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease.
Pages 73-87
G. Chowell, A. L. Rivas, N. W. Hengartner, J. M. Hyman, C. Castillo-Chavez,
home Mathematical applications associated with the deliberate release of infectious agents.
Pages 51-71
Gerardo Chowell, Ariel Cintr´on-Arias, Sara Del Valle, Fabio S´anchez, Baojun Song, James M. Hyman, ,
home Optimal vaccination strategies for an influenza-like illness in a heterogeneous population.
Pages 31-49
Christopher Bowman, Abba Gum,
home Preventive treatment of tuberculosis through contact tracing.
Pages 17-29
Juan Pablo Aparicio, Julio C. Hern´andez,