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Contemporary Mathematics
( Vol.402 NO.1 / 2006 )
home Hall subgroups of finite groups.
Pages 229-263
Danila O. Revin, Evgenii P.Vdovin,
home Bijections for identities of multisets of hook numbers.
Pages 219-227
Amitai Regev,
home On characters-classes duality and orders of centralizers.
Pages 215-217
Avinoam Mann,
home Normal subgroups in the subgroup lattices of finite $p$-groups.
Pages 211-214
Mario Mainardis,
home On the covering numbers of finite groups: some old and new results.
Pages 201-209
Arieh Lev,
home The existence of normal and characteristic subgroups in finite groups.
Pages 197-200
Gil Kaplan,
home New results in the theory of finite 2-groups.
Pages 193-195
Zvonimir Janko,
home On the number of commutators in groups.
Pages 181-192
Marcel Herzog, Patrizia Longobardi, Mercede Maj,
home Group rings with simple augmentation ideals.
Pages 171-180
R¨udiger G¨obel, Otto H. Kegel,
home Limits of vertex-transitive graphs.
Pages 159-169
Michael Giudici, Cai Heng Li, Cheryl E.Praeger, ´Akos Serres, Vladimir Trofimov,
home Probabilistic non-generators in profinite groups.
Pages 149-158
Eloisa Detomi, Andrea Lucchini,
home On certain group theoretical properties generalizing commutativity.
Pages 143-148
Costantino Delizia, Chiara Nicotera,
home Algebras with positive bases, commutators and covering numbers.
Pages 133-141
David Chillag,
home Monounary simple algebras.
Pages 119-132
Mariagrazia Bianchi, Anna Gillio, Libero Verardi,
home Lower bounds for the number of conjugacy classes in finite groups.
Pages 95-117
Edward Bertram,
home Structure of finite $p$-groups with given subgroups.
Pages 13-93
Yakov Berkovich, Zvonimir Janko,
home The history of the classification of finite groups with a CC-subgroup.
Pages 1-11
Zvi Arad, Wolfgang Herfort,