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Analele stiintifice ale Universitatii "AL.I. Cuza" Din Iasi. Sectiunea I a Matematica
( Vol.43 NO.1 / 1997 )
home The Tangent Bundles and Harmonicity
Pages 151-172
C. Oniciuc,
home Some Convergences of Convex Functions and Its $\varepsilon$-Subdifferentials
Pages 139-149
G. Apreutesei,
home A Generalization of the Limit Class of Approximation Spaces
Pages 133-138
Nicolae Tita,
home Differentiable Structures Associated to Non-Standard Differentiable Manifolds
Pages 97-102
Dragos Petru,
home On Isohedral Tilings of Hyperbolic Manifolds
Pages 81-88
Elizaveta Zamorzaeva,
home On the Discrete-Continuous Dynamical Systems
Pages 23-35
D. Opris, I.D. Albu,
home Some Classes of Parahermitian Structures on Cotangent Bundles
Pages 7-22
V. Oproiu, N. Papaghiuc, G. Mitric,
home On the Thermal Stresses in Viscoelastic Cylinders
Pages 191-202
S. De Cicco, L. Nappa,
home Comparison between Strong Shape Groups and Shape Groups for a Pointed Topological Spaces
Pages 173-190
Corina Mohorianu,
home Fibre Structures on $OSC^{(k)}(M)$ Bundle
Pages 73-80
Gheorghe Munteanu,
home On the Hypergroups with Four Proper Pairs and Three of Four Non-Scalar Elements
Pages 103-132
Mario De Salvo, Domenico Freni, Giovanni Lo Faro,
home Two-And Three-Dimensional Point Groups of Hyper-Tablet $P$-Symmetries and Their Geometrical Application
Pages 89-96
A.F. Palistrant,
home Some Examples of Pluriharmonic and $\varphi$-Pluriharmonic Maps
Pages 63-72
Irina Ana Calinov,
home Spinor Bundle of Order Two on the Internal Deformed System
Pages 51-62
P.C. Stavrinos, V. Balan, N. Prezas, P. Manouselis,
home Differential Operators and Convexity on Vector Bundles Endowed with $(h,v)$-Metrics
Pages 37-50
C. Udriste, V. Balan,