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Kyungpook Mathematical Journal
( Vol.40 NO.1 / 2000 )
home Kauffman Bracket Polynomial of Sums of 4-tangles and Their Minimality
Pages 195-207
Yongju Bae,
home Semi-invariant Submanifolds with Lift-flat Normal Connection in a Complex Projective Space
Pages 185-194
U-Hang Ki, He-Jin Kim,
home Extension Shape Theory
Pages 157-172
Ivan Ivansic, Leonard R. Rubin, Philip J. Schapiro,
home Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Hyperboric Space with Parallel Weyl Conformal Curvature Tensor
Pages 173-184
Christos Baikoussis, Young Jin Suh,
home On Sequential Space and a Related Class of Spaces
Pages 149-155
Woo Chorl Hong,
home Exponentially Convex Functions Depending on the Norm
Pages 139-147
A. S. Okb El-Bab, Mariam A. Alghamdi,
home The Potential Theory for Degenerated Elliptic Operators $A_\alpha=-\text{div}(x_n^\alpha \nabla \cdot)$
Pages 125-138
Toshio Horiuchi,
home A Study of Multidimensional Fractional Integral Operators and Generalized Stieltjes Transform
Pages 115-124
Mridula Garg, Mridula Purohit,
home Invertible Interpolation Problems in Tridiagonal Algebra
Pages 103-114
Joung Soo Jo, Joo Ho Kang,
home An Improvement of Pachpatte's Inequalities
Pages 99-101
Dah-Yan Hwng,
home Matrix Transformations of Nakano Vector-valued Sequence Space
Pages 93-97
Suthep Suantai, Chanan Sudsukh,
home On the Hyers-Ulam Stability of a Functional Equation of Davison
Pages 87-92
Soon-Mo Jung, Prasanna K. Sahoo,
home Meromorphic Solutions of Systems of Extraordinary Algebraic Differential Equations in the Complex Domain
Pages 77-85
Gao Lingyun,
home An n-Dimensional Version of Ostrowski's Inequality for Mappings of the Holder Type
Pages 65-75
S. S. Dragomir, N. S. Barnett, P. Cerone,
home Time Optimal Initial Function Problem of Retarded Systems with Unbounded Operators
Pages 49-63
Jong-Yeoul Park, Jin-Mun Jeong, Chul-Yun Park,
home A Certain Subclass of Analytic Functions with Negative Coefficients and Fixed Points
Pages 39-48
R. K. Raina, T. S. Nahar,
home Criteria for Oscillation of Impulsive Differential Equations of First Order with Deviating Argument
Pages 29-37
Margarita Boneva Dimitrova,
home New Mixed Finite Element Method for Stokes Equations
Pages 17-28
Haiming Gu, Huiming Liu, Guozhu Liu, Sunren Zhao,
home Kaplansky-Type Theorems
Pages 9-16
Hwankoo Kim,
home Special Linear Group and Modified Laguerre Functions
Pages 1-8
M. A. Pathan, Subuhi Khan,