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Kyungpook Mathematical Journal
( Vol.38 NO.1 / 1998 )
home On Lifts of Structure Satisfying $F^{K + 1} - a^2 F^{k - 1} = 0$
Pages 211-222
Lovejoy S. Das,
home Gravitohydrodynamic Instability of a Streaming Fluid Cylinder
Pages 81-98
Ahmed E. Radwan, Mohamed G. Elsheikh,
home Electrification Capillary Instability of a Charging Annular Fluid Jet
Pages 1-12
Ahmed E. Radwan,
home Semi-parallel and Semi-symmetric Real Hypersurfaces in Complex Space Forms
Pages 227-234
Ross Niebergall, Patrick J. Ryan,
home Associating Regular Hexagons to Centroid Sharing Triangles
Pages 223-226
Zvonko Cerin,
home The Group of Tangent Vectors to a Lie Group and the Differential of Its Exponential Mapping
Pages 205-209
Hiroyuki Tasaki,
home A Topological Method on Compute Spectral Flow
Pages 181-203
Dave Auckly,
home Proximity Frames and H-completness
Pages 171-180
Se Hwa Chung,
home Left-symmetric Structures on Weakly Graded Lie Algebras
Pages 163-170
Karel Dekimpe,
home Some Properties of Ruscheweyh Derivatives
Pages 99-104
Shigeyoshi Owa,
home Automorphisms of 7-diagonal Algebra $Alg L^{(7)}_\infty$
Pages 73-80
Taeg Young Choi,
home The Uniform Asymptotic Stability for Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Delay
Pages 59-71
YounHee Ko,
home Super-decomposable Operators
Pages 49-57
Jae Chul Rho, Jong-Jwang Yoo,
home Sufficient Conditions for Existence of Bounded Nonoscillating Solutions of Neutral Operator-differential Equations
Pages 39-47
Drumi Bainov, Margarita Dimitrova, Vasil Petrov,
home Fixed Points of Single and Set-valued Mappings
Pages 29-37
R. A. Rashwan, M. A. Ahmed,
home On a Class of Analytic Functions Defined by Fractional Derivative, II
Pages 21-28
Nalini Shukla, Pratibha Shukla,
home On Existence of Travelling Waves for Spatial System
Pages 13-20
K. A. Kamel,
home Finite Element Compensators for Thermoelastic Systems with Boundary Controls and Point Observations
Pages 115-130
S. K. Chang, I. Lasiecka, R. Triggiani,
home Fuzzy Maximal and Complete Fuzzy Normal BCK-filters
Pages 137-143
Young Bae Jun, Sung Min Hong,
home Children Ideals and Children Rings
Pages 151-55
Eun Sup Kim, Yun Jae Kim, Young Soo Park,