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Kyungpook Mathematical Journal
( Vol.36 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Some forms of strongly $\mu$-functions, $\mu\in{\alpha-irresolute,open,closed}$
Pages 143-150
R. A. Mahmoud, M. E. Abd El-Monsef, A. A. Nasef,
home On a class of $p$-valent functions with negative and missing coefficients
Pages 29-40
J. Patel,
home Classification of real hypersurfaces in cmoplex space forms in terms of curvature tensors
Pages 201-218
U-Hang Ki, Yong Soo Pyo, Young Jin Suh,
home On preserving $g$-closed sets
Pages 195-199
C.W. Baker,
home $_kN$ is maximal $rc$-lindel$\H{o}$f
Pages 191-193
Maximilian Ganster,
home Mildly normal spaces and some functions
Pages 183-190
Takashi Noiri,
home 2-compatibility and its applications
Pages 171-181
B.K. Sharma, D.R. Sahu,
home On some problems in $C_p$-theory
Pages 165-169
Woo Chorl Hong, Seonhee Kweon,
home Remarks on semi-generalized closed sets and generalized semi-closed sets
Pages 155-163
H. Maki, K. Balachandran, R. Devi,
home Prime ideals in right complement bounded rings
Pages 129-141
Hamed E. Abulkheir, Gary F. Birkenmeier,
home On left hereditary radicals
Pages 113-116
H. France-Jackson,
home Semirings of formal series over hypermonoids: some interestion cases
Pages 107-111
Jonathan S. Golan,
home 1/2 Cancellation Modules
Pages 97-106
Adil G. Naoum,
home On noetherian $\Gamma$-semigroup
Pages 89-95
T. K. Dutta, N. C. Adhikari,
home On an inverse scattering method for solving non-linear equations in non-homogeneous media
Pages 73-88
A. A. Darwish,
home Some integrals involving kamp$\acute{e}$ de f$\acute{e}$riet's Series and i-function
Pages 53-62
DeepPak Jain, Renu Jain,
home On uniformly starlike functions of order $(\alpha, \beta)$
Pages 41-51
R. Parvatham,
home On thr ratio set of some linear sets of positive measure
Pages 8-12
D. K. Ganguly, M. Majumdar,
home Perturbation theory on $\zeta$-convex space
Pages 1-7
Jong-Yeoul Park, Jin-Mun Jeong,
home On opial type inequalities in three independent variables
Pages 63-72
SH. Salem,