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Kyungpook Mathematical Journal
( Vol.13 NO.1 / 1973 )
home A relation satisfied by solutions of th adjoint equation
Pages 127-131
W. J. Kim,
home A note on a $C$-umbilical hypersurface of a 6-dimensional $K$-space
Pages 121-126
Hong-Suh Park,
home On a characterization of spaces of constant holomorphic curvature in terms of geodesic hypersphere
Pages 109-119
Shun-Ichi Tachibana, Toyoko Kashiwada,
home Inverses of circulant matrices and block circulant matrices
Pages 11-20
George E. Trapp,
home A note on an intersection theorem in Banach space
Pages 33-36
R. N. Mukherjee,
home Une note sur la convergence des semi-groups des operateurs dans les espaces de Banach
Pages 87-95
Par Ki Sik Ha,
home The sum of two radical classes
Pages 81-86
Yu-Lee Lee, R. E. Propes,
home On the $K$-proximities
Pages 69-80
Chi Young Kim, Kil Nam Choi, Yong Sun Shin,
home Spaces in which covergent sequences are eventually constant
Pages 5-10
Norman Levine,
home Biquasi-proximity spaces and compactification of a pairwise proximity space
Pages 41-49
M. K. Singal, Sunder Lal,
home Pairwise Lindelof bitopological spaces
Pages 3-4
Ivan L. Reilly,
home On the means of the product of two entire functions
Pages 59-61
P. K. Jain,
home Epireflective subcategories of partially ordered topological spaces
Pages 97-107
Tae Ho Choe, O. C. Garcia,
home Note on submanifolds with $(f, g, u, v, \lambda)$-structure in an even-dimensional euclidean space
Pages 51-58
Jung Hwan Kwon,
home Convexity theorem for $(N, p, q)$ summability
Pages 37-40
Rajiv Sinha,
home Integrals involving products of generalized Legendre functions and the $H$-function
Pages 21-25
P. Anandani,
home On conduction of heat in a semi infinite circular cylinder
Pages 63-68
V. L. Deshpande,
home Mildly normal spaces
Pages 27-31
M. K. Singal, Asha Rani Singal,