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Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universitat Hamburg
( Vol.66 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Hodge Numbers of Hypersurfaces
Pages 377-386
A. Dimca,
home Remarks on Affine Evolutions
Pages 355-376
K. Leichtweiss,
home Estimates for Dimensions of Spaces of Siegal Modular Cusp Forms
Pages 337-354
C.Poor, D. S. Yuen,
home Osculating Paraboloids of Second and Third Order
Pages 317-335
B. Juttler,
home Deformations of Cones over Canonical Trigonal Curves
Pages 289-315
R. Drewes, J. Stevens,
home Analytic Continuation of a Class of Dirichlet Series
Pages 281-287
P.J.Grabver, J.M.Thuswaldner,
home On Some Congruences for Units of Local $\it {p}$-cyclotomic Fields
Pages 273-279
H. Ichimura,
home Birational Geometry of Complete Intersections
Pages 263-271
H. G. Rackwitz,
home Conformal Structure in Affine Geometry : Complete Tchebychev Hypersurfaces
Pages 249-262
H, L. Liu, U. Simon, C.P. Wang,
home Siegal Eisenstein Series of Arbitrary Level and Theta Series
Pages 229-247
E, Freitag,
home On Inhomogeneous Approximations to Irrational Numbers with Arithmetical Conditions
Pages 223-228
C. Elsner,
home Double-sixers of Hexagons, $\sl {A}_6$ and PSL$_3$(K)
Pages 203-222
R. H. Dye,
home Simultaneous Approximation Measures for Functions Satisfying Generalized Funtional Equations of Mahler Type
Pages 177-201
TH. Topfer,
home Note on Siegel-Eisenstein Series of Low Weight
Pages 159-176
S. Nagaoka,
home Connection between Congruences $\it {n}^{\sl {q}-1} \equiv (mod \sl {q}^2)$ and Divisibility of $\it {h}^+$
Pages 151-158
S. Jakubec,
home On the Cauchy Difference on Normed Spaces
Pages 143-150
J. Brzdek,
home Completion of Topological Loops
Pages 135-142
H. Szambien,
home Continuous Planar Functions
Pages 113-129
B. Polster,
home On the Uniform Convergence of Poincare Series of Exponential Type on Jacobi Groups
Pages 131-134
W. Kohnen,
home On the Existence of $\it {p}$-Units and Minkowski Units in Totally Real Cyclic Feilds
Pages 89-111
F. Marko,