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Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universitat Hamburg
( Vol.65 NO.1 / 1995 )
home Complete Solution of a Family of Quartic Thue Equations
Pages 365-383
G. Lettl, A. Petho,
home On Characters of Irreducible Initary Representations of General Linear Groups
Pages 341-363
M. Tadic,
home Riemann-Roch Theorem for Normal Surfaces and Applications
Pages 307-340
R. Blache,
home On the Characterization of Skew-holomorphic Jacobi-Forms
Pages 301-305
R. Berndt,
home Modular Forms on the Fricke Group
Pages 293-299
A. Krieg,
home Homomorphisms of Affine Spaces
Pages 283-292
T. Bisztriczky, J. W.Lorimer,
home Primitive Elements in the Free Product of two Finite Cyclic Groups
Pages 277-281
M. Lustig, E.M. Thiele, H. Zieschang,
home On the General Asymmetric Divisor Problem
Pages 259-276
W. G. Nowak,
home Isogenies of Abelian Varieties with Multiplications and Fitting Ideals
Pages 249-257
Ch. Deninger,
home Note on an Extremal Property of the Rudin-Shapiro Sequence
Pages 243-248
H. Alzer,
home A Remark on Symplectic Matrices
Pages 239-242
W. Kohnen,
home Klingenberg Chain Spaces
Pages 225-238
A. Blunck, M. Stroppel,
home A Vanishing Theorem for Line Bundles on Resolutions of Surface Singularities
Pages 215-223
A Rohr,
home On Isolated Cyckuc Quotients with Simplest Complex Link
Pages 205-214
home Minimum Transversals of Maximum Matchings as Approximate Solutions to the Bisection Problem
Pages 199-203
Th. Andreae, H.J. Bandlet,
home Geometry of Kinematic $\sl {K}$-loops
Pages 189-197
E. Kolb, A. Kreuzer,
home Versal Base Spaces of Minimally Elliptic Singularities
Pages 175-187
S. Brohme,
home Konstruktion zweier (15,3,1)-Blockplane
Pages 165-173
G. Pickert,
home Ein Satz von Igusa uber einen Ring von Modulformen zweiten Grads und halbzahligen Gewichts
Pages 155-163
A. Lober,
home There Explicit Formulas for the Taylor Coefficients of the Function $(\frac{1-z}{1-xz})^{\lambda}$
Pages 147-153
P.G. Todorov,