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Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universitat Hamburg
( Vol.64 NO.1 / 1994 )
home On Minkowski Planes with Tansitive Groups of Homotheties
Pages 303-313
M. Klein, H. J. Kroll,
home Uber eine Kasse 2-adischer Funktonen im Zusammenhang mit dem ,,$sl {3x + 1}$"-Problem
Pages 293-302
home Spheres of Quadratic Field Extensions
Pages 279-292
H. Havlicek,
home On Fano 3-folds with Non-rational Singularities and Two-dimensional Base
Pages 249-277
S. Ishii,
home Integral Bases and Fundamental Units of the Cubic Fields $\mtahbb {Q} \sl {w}$ Defined by $\sl {w}$^3 + $\sl {aw}$-1=0
Pages 235-247
A. Takaku, S.I. Yoshimoto,
home Vector Valued Theta Series and Waldspurger's Theorem
Pages 211-233
S. Bocherer, R. Schulze-Pillot,
home A Functional Equation of Abel Revisited
Pages 203-210
M. Sablik,
home The Calssification of the Simple Modular Lie Algebras: V. Algebras with Hamiltonian Two-sections
Pages 167-202
H. Strade,
home Hopf Manifolds and Vector Bundles on Projective Spaces
Pages 163-166
D. Mall,
home Cayley, Marty and Schreier Hypergraphs
Pages 151-162
M. Buratti,
home Eine Kasse von Graphen, in der jeder Toleranzgraph ein beschrankter Toleranzgraph ist
Pages 125-129
A, Parra,
home On Vandiver's Conjecture
Pages 105-124
home Double Covers of Smooth Hyperquadrics as Ample and Very Ample Divisors
Pages 97-103
A. Lanteri,
home On the $\it {k}$-spannedness of the Adjoint Line Bundle for Degree $\leq$ 4 $\it {k}$ + 4
Pages 89-96
E. Ballico, M. Beltrametti,
home Two Aspects of Log Terminal Surface Singularities
Pages 59-87
R. Blache,
home An Arithmetic Hurwitz Formula
Pages 51-58
Q. V. Pham,
home Chain Spaces Over Jordan Systems
Pages 33-49
A. Blunck,
home Exakte Graphen
Pages 15-31
R. Schnabel, U. Spengler,
home On Sums of Two Units
Pages 11-14
J. Kostra,
home A Note on the Diophantine Equation $\it {x}$^2 + 1=$\it {dy}$^4
Pages 1-10
Chen Jian Hua,