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Abhandlungen aus dem Mathematischen Seminar der Universitat Hamburg
( Vol.63 NO.1 / 1993 )
home On Poincare Series of Exponential Type on Sp_2
Pages 283-297
W. Kohnen,
home On Functions Satisfying some Inequalities
Pages 277-281
J. Brzdek,
home $\ddot{U}$ber-L$\ddot{a}$ngen nicht-eindeutiger Faktorisierungen und Systeme linearer diophantischer Ungleichungen
Pages 265-276
F. Halter-Koch,
home Models and Theorems of the Classical Circle Planes
Pages 245-264
J. Ch. Fisher,
home Fixed Points, Combs and Generalized Power Series
Pages 227-244
S. Priess-Crampe, P. Ribenboim,
home The $\it {k}$-very Ampleness on an Elliptic Quasi Bundle
Pages 215-226
M. Mella , M. Palleschi,
home The Versal Deformation of Universal Curve Singularities
Pages 197-213
J. Stevens,
home Matrix Groups and Kinematics in Projective Spaces
Pages 177-196
W. Rath,
home A Generalization of Steinhagen's Theorem
Pages 165-176
U. Betke, M. Henk,
home Lie Superbialgebras and Poisson-Lie Supergroups
Pages 147-163
N. Andruskiewitsch,
home The Siegel-Jacobi Ooerator
Pages 135-146
J. H. Yang,
home A Method for Exact Calculation of the Discrepancy of Low-dimensional Finite Point Sets I
Pages 115-133
P. Bundschuh, Y. Zhu,
home An Omega Theorem on Pythagorean Triples
Pages 105-113
M. K\ddot{a}$hleitner,
home On a Generalization of Mulholland's Inequality
Pages 97-103
J. Matkowski,
home On sums of Two k-th Powers of Numbers in Residue Classes II
Pages 87-95
G. Kuba,
home On Divisibility of Class Number of Real Abelian Fields of Prime Conductor
Pages 67-86
St. Jakubec,
home On Multiplicative Solutions of the Parallelogram Functional Equation
Pages 59-66
Z. Gajda$\dagger$,
home An Inequality and Its Application to Mahler's Partition Function
Pages 55-58
home Bruck's vision of Regular Spreads or What is the Use of a Baer Superspace?
Pages 37-54
A. Beutelspacher, J. Ueberberg,
home A Note on Partial 3-trees and Homomorphism Bases of Graphs
Pages 29-36
R. Halin,