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Youngnam Mathematical Journal
( Vol.1 NO.1 / 1994 )
home On stability of the perturbed linear differential equations
Pages 191-197
Young Sun Oh, Jeong Hyang An, Soo Man Hwang,
home Synchrony of pulse-coupled oscillators when the governing curve has an inflection point
Pages 153-162
Sung Kag Chang, Soo Man Hwang,
home A decomposition for the tent spaces
Pages 199-209
Choon-Serk Suh,
home Isometries of $A_{2n(k)}$ and $A_{\infty(K)}$
Pages 177-189
Taeg Young Choi,
home A study on the curvature tensors in a SE-manifold SEX$_n$
Pages 121-138
Il Young Lee, Byung Doo Kim,
home Some applications of extremal length to the boundary behavior of meromorphic functions
Pages 101-107
Bo Hyun Chung,
home Involutions and their centralizers in the unitary groups $PSU_5(q^2)$
Pages 147-152
Won Sok Yoo, Hong Taek Hwang,
home Certain classes of multivalent functions of complex order
Pages 87-99
Man Dong Hur, Nak Eun Cho,
home An extension of the Fuglede-Putnam theorem to quasi-hyponormal operators using a Hilbert-Schmidt operator
Pages 73-76
Hyung Koo Cha,
home Causal boundary of strongly causal space-times
Pages 169-176
Dae Ho Jin,
home On polynomial invariants of some periodic links
Pages 55-62
Chan-Young Park, Myoungsoo Seo,
home On indefinite complex hypersurfaces of an indefinite complex space form
Pages 27-42
Jung-Hwan Kwon, Kwan-Ho Cho, Won-Ho Sohn,
home Existence of maximal timelike geodesics
Pages 19-25
Jong-Chul Kim,
home Remark on $p$-adic bounded functions
Pages 9-17
Han Soo Kim, Pil-Sang Lim, Taekyun Kim,
home Geometric inequalities in Minkowski plane
Pages 1-7
Y. D. Chai, Yong Ill Kim,
home On torsion free normal complements
Pages 117-119
Hyunyong Shin,
home Notes on spectrum of the Laplacian in Kaehlerian manifolds
Pages 77-86
Jin Suk Pak, Jung-Hwan Kwon, Jae Don Lee,
home Conformal minimal immersion of punctured sphere in $R^3$
Pages 109-115
Yong Sup Kim,
home A note on the lattice of lattice varieties
Pages 63-67
Young Yug Kang,
home On a new boundary cluster set
Pages 69-72
Un Haing Choi,