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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.88 NO.1 / 1993 )
home Two Classifications of Simple Mackey Functors with Applications to Group Cohomology and the Decomposition of Classifying Spaces
Pages 265-304
Peter Webb,
home Groups with Fractionally Exponential Subgroup Growth
Pages 205-223
Dan Segal, Aner Shalev,
home Projective Limits of Group Rings
Pages 119-142
W. Kimmerle, K. W. Roggenkamp,
home Regular Combings, Nonpositive Curvature and the Quasiconvexity of Abelian Subgroups
Pages 23-35
Martin R. Bridson,
home Imperfect Groups
Pages 3-22
A. J. Berrick, Derek J. S. Robinson,
home Straightening Codeterminants
Pages 317-320
David J. Woodcock,
home Algebras Generated by Locally Nilpotent Finitary Skew Linear Groups
Pages 305-316
B. A. F. Wehrfritz,
home A Note on Multiplicity-Free Tensor Representations
Pages 249-263
G. E. Wall,
home In Groups with cd$_mathbb{Q}$G $leq$ 1
Pages 245-247
Olympia Talelli,
home On Finite Dinilpotent Groups
Pages 239-244
Stewart E. Stonehewer,
home On Torsion in Certain Free Centre-by-Soluble Groups
Pages 225-237
A. L. Shmel'kin, Ralph Stohr,
home Examples of Presentations Which are Minimally Cockroft in Several Different Ways
Pages 199-204
S. J. Pride,
home Pro-Torsion Completions of Abelian Groups
Pages 187-197
George Peschke, Peter Symonds,
home Generalized Witt Formulae and Comma-Free Codes
Pages 177-185
J. N. Ridley, M. E. Mays,
home Infinitely Many Pairwise Homotopy Inequivalent 2-Complexes $K_i$ with Fixed $pi_1K_i$ and $chi(K_i)$
Pages 173-175
Martin Lustig,
home A Problem about Normal Subgroups
Pages 169-171
John C. Lennox, James Wiegold, Howard Smith,
home A Differential in the Lyndon-Hochschild-Serre Spectral Sequence
Pages 155-168
Ian Leary,
home Torsion in Profinite Completions
Pages 143-154
Peter H. Kropholler, John S. Wilson,
home The Seventh and Eighth Lie Dimension Subgroups
Pages 107-117
Narain Gupta, Ken-Ichi Tahara,
home Combinatorics and the Schur Algebra
Pages 89-106
J. A. Green,