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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.70 NO.1 / 1990 )
home Continuity, Boundedness, Connectedness and the Lindelof Property for Topological Groups
Pages 199-210
F. Javier Trigos-Arrieta,
home Weakened Lie Groups and Groups of Homeomorphisms
Pages 185-197
T. Christine Stevens,
home Classes of Topological Groups Suggested by Galois Theory
Pages 169-183
T. Soundararajan,
home Incomplete Infima of Complete Uniformities Related to Topological Groups and Topological Vector
Pages 159-168
Walter Roelcke,
home Minimal and Precompact Group Topologies on Free Groups
Pages 147-157
Dieter Remus,
home Locales in Functional Analysis
Pages 133-145
Joan Wick Pelletier,
home Epimorphisms of Frames
Pages 129-132
James J. Madden, Andrew Molitor,
home $\kappa$-Frames
Pages 107-127
James J. Madden,
home The 'Closed Subgroup Theorem' for Localic Herds and Pregroupoids
Pages 97-106
Peter T. Johnstone,
home Free Compact Group IV: Splitting the Component and the Structure of the Commutator Group
Pages 89-96
Karl H. Hofmann, Sidney A. Morris,
home Spaces with A Pretty Base
Pages 81-87
Melvin Henriksen,
home Discrete Sets and The Maximal Totally Bounded Group Topology
Pages 73-80
Klaas Pieter Hart, Jan van Mill,
home On The Localic Yosida Representation of An Archimedean Lattice Ordered Group with Weak Order Unit
Pages 17-43
Richard N. Ball, Anthony W. Hager,
home Compactification and Local Connectedness of Frames
Pages 3-16
D. Baboolal, B. Banaschewski,
home Long Chains of Hausdorff Topological Group Topologies
Pages 53-72
W.W. Comfort, Dieter Remus,
home Projective and Supercoherent Frames
Pages 45-51
B. Banaschewski, S.B. Niefield,