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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.60 NO.1 / 1989 )
home Some Nilpotent And Locally Nilpotent Matrix Groups
Pages 289-312
home Betti Numbers Of Perfect Homogeneous Ideals
Pages 273-288
Anna Lorenzini,
home On A Problem About Face Polynomials
Pages 269-272
Wei Li,
home The Deviation, Density, And Depth of Partially Ordered Sets
Pages 253-268
Willian G.Lau, Mark L.Teply and Ann K. Boyle,
home Flawless $0$-Sequences And Hilbert Functions Of Cohen-Macaulay Integral Domains
Pages 245-251
Takayuki Hibi,
home Normal Abelian Subgroups And Euler Characteristic
Pages 237-243
Linda Formera$^*$,
home Homotopy Conditions That Determine Rational Homotopy Type
Pages 205-217
Ronald N.Umble$^*$,
home Soft Adjunction Between 2-Categories
Pages 155-203
John L. Macdonald and Arthur Stone,
home Half-Transitive Group Actions in a Compact Ring
Pages 139-153
Jo-Ann Cohen and Kwangil Koh,
home The Brauer-Long Group of $\mathbb{Z}/p^t\mathbb{Z}$-Dimodule Algebras
Pages 219-236
M.Beattie$^*$, S.Caenepeel,
home The Join of The Pseudovarieties of $\mathscr{R}$-Trival and $\mathscr{L}$-Trivial monoids
Pages 129-137
Jorge Almeida, Assis Azevedo,
home Semidirect Products of Pseudovarieties From the Universal Algebraist's Point of View
Pages 113-128
Jorge Almeida$^*$,
home Almost Boolean Orthomodular Posts
Pages 105-111
Mirko Navara and Pavel Ptak,
home A Generalization of Artin-Mazur Completion and Rigid Completion Functors in Homotopy Theory
Pages 33-52
Aristide Deleanu,
home On the Rank of Quadratic Equations in Free Groups
Pages 21-31
Leo p. Comerford, jr., Charles C.Edmunds$^*$,
home The Mod-$\_p$ Cohomology Rings of Metacyclc Groups
Pages 53-103
Johannes Huebschmann$^*$,
home Thom Modules and Pseudoreflection Groups
Pages 1-20
Carlos Broto, Larry Smith, Robert Stong,