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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.139 NO.1 / 1999 )
home Betti Numbers of Semi-Pfaffian Sets
Pages 323-338
Thierry Zell,
home Algorithmic Computation of Local Cohomology Modules and the Local Cohomological Dimension of Algebraic Varieties
Pages 303-321
Uli Walther,
home Using SAGBI Bases to Compute Invariants
Pages 285-302
Michael Stillman, Harrison Tsai,
home An Algorithm for Computing Certified Approximate GCD of $n$ Univariate Polynomials
Pages 255-284
David Rupprecht,
home An Algorithm for de Rham Cohomology Groups of the Complement of an Affine Variety Via $D$-Module Computation
Pages 201-233
Toshinori Oaku, Nobuki Takayama,
home Elimination of Infinitesimal Quantifiers
Pages 235-253
Dan Richardson,
home Standard Pairs and Group Relaxations in Integer Programming
Pages 133-157
Serkan Hosten, Rekha R. Thomas,
home Some Properties of Borel Ideals
Pages 183-200
Maria Grazia Marinari, Luciana Ramella,
home Finding the Radical of Matrix Algebras Using Fitting Decompositions
Pages 159-182
Gabor Ivanyos,
home A New Efficient Algorithm for Computing Grobner Bases $(F_4)$
Pages 61-88
Jean-Charles Faugere,
home Finite Singularities and Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Recurrence Equations
Pages 109-131
Mark Van Hoeij,
home A Combinatorial Method for Computing Steenrod Squares
Pages 89-108
Rocio Gonzalez-Diaz, Pedro Real,
home Calculating the Galois Group of $L_1(L_2(y)) = 0, L_1, L_2$ Completely Reducible Opertators
Pages 3-23
P. H. Berman, M. F. Singer,
home An Algebraic Formula for the Euler Characteristic of Some Semi-Algebraic Sets
Pages 41-60
Nicolas Dutertre,
home Using Cartan Subalgebras to Calculate Nilradicals and Levi Subalgebras of Lie Algebras
Pages 25-39
W. A. De Graaf,