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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.133 NO.1 / 1998 )
home Bell's Primeness Criterion and the Simple Lie Superalgebras
Pages 241-260
Mark C. Wilson,
home Varieties and Algebraic Algebras of Bounded Degree
Pages 233-240
I. Sviridova,
home Morita Equivalence Based on Contexts for Various Categories of Modules Over Associative Rings
Pages 219-232
Leandro Marin,
home Separable Torsion-Free Abelian E$^*$-Groups
Pages 203-208
O. Lubimcev, A. Sebeldin, c. Vinsonhaler,
home Homology of Fully Graded Algebras, Morita and Derived Equivalences
Pages 209-218
Andrei Marcus,
home Modules Whose Small Submodules Have Krull Dimension
Pages 197-202
Christian Lomp,
home Engel Properties of Group Algebras II
Pages 179-196
J. Kurdics,
home Relative FBN Rings and the Second Layer Conditon
Pages 163-178
Paul Kim, Gunter Krause,
home Rings Which are Sums of Two Subrings
Pages 151-162
M. Kepczyk, E. R. Puczylowski,
home On Uniform Dimensions of Ideals in Right Nonsingular Rings
Pages 117-139
S. K. Jain, T. Y. Lam, Andre Leroy,
home The Composition of Dualities in a Nondegenerate Morita Context
Pages 143-149
A. I. Kashu,
home Right-Left Symmetry of $aR \oplus bR = (a + b)R$ in Regular Rings
Pages 141-142
S. K. Jain, K. Manjunatha Prasad,
home Generalizing the Baer-Kaplansky Theorem
Pages 107-115
George Ivanov,
home Direct Summands of Serial Modules
Pages 93-106
Nguyen Viet Dung, Alberto Facchini,
home New Polynomial Identities for $2 \times 2$ Generic Matrices in Characteristic $2^1$
Pages 83-91
Vesselin Drensky, Dimitar Tsiganchev,
home Cayley-Hamilton Theorem for $2 \times 2$ matrices Over the Grassmann Algebra
Pages 69-81
Matyas Domokos,
home Complete Blocked Triangular Matrix Rings Over a Noetherian Ring
Pages 65-68
S. Dascalescu, L. Van Wyk,
home Dual Pairs Techniques in $H^*$-Theories
Pages 59-63
A. J. Calderon Martin, C. Martin Gonzalez,
home Grobner-Shirshov Bases for Exceptional Lie Algebras I
Pages 51-57
L. A. Borkut, A. A. Klein,
home The Spectral Classes of Unicyclic Graphs
Pages 39-49
Axel Boldt, Martha Takane,