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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.124 NO.1 / 1998 )
home Classifying Modules Over $K$-theory Spectra
Pages 289-323
Jerome J. Wolbert,
home On Deskins's Conjecture Concerning the Supersolvability of a Finite Group
Pages 325-328
Zhao Yaoqing,
home Refining connected topological group topologies on Abelian torsion-free groups
Pages 281-288
Michael G. Tkacenko, Luis M. Villegas-Silva,
home Reconstruction in Braided Categories and a Notion of Commutative Bialgebra
Pages 241-259
Martin Neuchl, Peter Schauenburg,
home Polynomes Homogenes Qui S'annulent Sur l'espace Projectif $\mathbb P^m(\mathbb F_q)$
Pages 227-240
Dany-Jack Mercier, Robert Rolland,
home Computation of Real Radicals of Polynomial Ideals - II
Pages 261-280
Rolf Neuhaus,
home Rings of Homogeneous Functions
Pages 211-226
C. J. Maxson, A. B. Van Der Merwe,
home A Geometric Example of Non-Trivially Mixed Hodge Structures
Pages 201-210
Andreas Matuschke,
home Birational Equivalence of Reduced Graphs
Pages 173-199
Carlos Marijuan,
home On Deskins's conjecture
Pages 167-171
Guo Xiuyun,
home Virtual Roots of Real Polynomials
Pages 147-166
Laureano Gonzalez-Vega, Henri Lombardi, Louis Mahe,
home Straight-line Programs in Geometric Elimination Theory
Pages 101-146
M. Giusti, J. Heintz, J. E. Morais, J. Morgenstern, L. M. Pardo,
home Chains of Pseudocompact Group Topologies
Pages 65-100
Dikran Dikranjan,
home On the Rank of Intersection of Subgroups of a Free Product of Groups
Pages 31-45
R. G. Burns, T. C. Chau, S.-M. Kam,
home Presentations for Subsemigroups - Applications of Ideals of Semigroups
Pages 47-64
C. M. Campbell, E. F. Robertson, N. Ruskuc, R. M. Thomas,
home Minimal Systems of Generators for Ideals of Semigroups
Pages 7-30
E. Briales, A. Campillo, C. Marijuan, P. Pison,
home On the Picard Group of the Moduli Scheme of Stable Curves in Positive Characteristic
Pages 1-5
E. Ballico,