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Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
( Vol.111 NO.1 / 1996 )
home Multiplication and combinatorics in the Steenrod algebra
Pages 303-323
Judith H. Silverman,
home Variations on a theme of Minkowski and Serre
Pages 285-302
A. Silverberg, Yu. G. Zarhin,
home Discrete rings
Pages 277-284
Niel Shell,
home Two-generated ideals in non-Noetherian semigroup rings
Pages 255-276
J. S. Okon, David E. Rush, Paul Vicknair,
home The tree representation of $\sum_{n+1}$
Pages 245-253
Alan Robinson, Sarah Witheouse,
home Nilpotency criteria for multiplicative Lie algebras
Pages 229-243
Francoise Point, Patricia Wantiez,
home Cohomological nonvanishing for modules over discrete groups
Pages 213-228
Daniel Juan-Pineda,
home Semistability of Artin and Coxeter Groups
Pages 205-211
Michael L. Mihalik,
home Hecke actions on the $K$-theory of commutative rings
Pages 181-198
Kevin Hutchinson,
home Inclusion of poset homology into Lie algebra homology
Pages 169-180
Iztok Hozo,
home Monoids over which all that left acts are regular
Pages 199-203
Liu Zhongkui,
home Hopf algebra extensions of monogenic Hopf algebras
Pages 143-168
Gregory D. Henderson,
home Catenarity in quantum algebras
Pages 123-142
K. R. Goodearl, T. H. Lenagan,
home The homology of homotopy inverse limits
Pages 83-122
Paul G. Goerss,
home The structure group for the associativity identity
Pages 59-82
Patrick Dehornoy,
home Stable splittings of $BP$ for some $P$ of order thirty-two
Pages 31-50
Michael Catalano,
home An exterior product identity for Schur functions
Pages 21-29
Andrej Broido,
home On pencils of polynomial curves
Pages 51-57
D. Daigle,
home *-Autonomous categories, revisited
Pages 1-20
Michael Barr,
home Rings whose finitely generated modules are extending
Pages 325-328
Dinh Van Huynh, S. Tariq Rizvi, Mohamed F. Yousif,