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Glasnik Matematicki Serja III.
( Vol.40 NO.1 / 2005 )
home Harnack inequality for some discontinuous markov processes with a diffusion part
Pages 177-187
Renming Song$^1$, Zoran Vondra$\check{c}$ek$^2$,
home Puppe exact sequence and its application in the fibrewise category map
Pages 149-175
Yoshifumi Konami, Takuo Miwa,
home Finite linear spaces consisting of two symmetric configurations
Pages 139-147
Vedran Kr$\check{c}$adinac, Juraj $\check{S}$iftar,
home A remark on concentration of the error between a function and its best polynomial approximants. II: A problem of Hasson
Pages 133-138
J.L. Wang, S.P. Zhou$^1$,
home Delay dependent stability criterion for time discrete linear systems
Pages 121-132
X.H. Tang, S.S Cheng,
home Global in time estimates for one-dimensional compressible viscous micropolar fluid model
Pages 103-120
Nermina Mujakovi$\acute{c}$,
home Approximation in Smirnov-Orlicz classes
Pages 87-102
Daniyal M. Israfilov, Burcin Oktay, Ramazan Akgun,
home Finite 2-groups ${\sl G}$ with $|\Omegq_2({\sl G})| =16$
Pages 71-86
Zvonimir Janko,
home Second-metacyclic finite 2-groups
Pages 59-69
Vladimir $\acute{C}$epuli$\acute{c}$,
home A property of groups of order $\leq {\it p}^{{\it p}({\it e}+1}$ and exponent ${\it p}^{\it e}$
Pages 51-58
Yakov Berkovich,
home The $\vartheta$-transfer technique: on noetherian involution rings and symmetry of primitivity
Pages 29-45
Boris $\check{S}$irola,
home A note on generalized derivations of prime rings
Pages 47-49
Ivica Gusi$\acute{c}$,
home A note on class number one criteria of $\check{s}$irola for real quadratic fields
Pages 21-27
P.G. Walsh,
home On shifted products which are powers
Pages 13-20
Florian Luca,
home Biplanes (56,11,2) with a fixed-point-free involutory automorphism
Pages 1-11
Mario Essert, Ljubo Maranguni$\acute{c}$,