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Glasnik Matematicki Serja III.
( Vol.39 NO.2 / 2004 )
home A selection theorem for simplex-valued maps
Pages 331-333
Ivan Ivan$\check{s}$i$\acute{c}$, Leonard R. Rubin,
home A note on permeability for a network of thin channels
Pages 339-346
Sanja Maru$\check{s}$i$\acute{c}$,
home Extension dimension of inverse limits. Correction of a proof
Pages 335-337
Sibe Marde$\check{s}$i$\acute{c}$,
home Unit-sphere preserving mappings
Pages 327-330
Soon-Mo Jung$^*$, Byungbae Kim,
home A note on extensions of hilbert C$^*$-modules and their morphisms
Pages 313-326
Franka Miriam Br$\ddot{u}$ckler,
home Bounded 2-linear operators on 2-normed sets
Pages 301-312
Zofia Lewandowska,
home Oscillation of higher order difference equations via comparison
Pages 287-299
Ravi P. Agarwal$^1$, Said R. Grace$^2$, Donal O'Regan$^3$,
home Estimates on the Dirichlet heat kernel of domains above the graphs of bounded ${\sl C}^{1.1}$ fuctions
Pages 273-286
Renming Song,
home On the linear combination of the representations of starlikeness and convexity
Pages 265-272
Nikola Tuneski, Roza Aceska,
home On Landau's theorems
Pages 257-264
$\fbox{Dragoslav S. Mitrinovi\acute{c}}$, Josip E. Pe$\check{c}$ari$\acute{c}$, Hrvoje Kraljevi$\acu,
home Constrained abstract representation problems in semigroups and partial groupoids
Pages 245-255
A. Mani,
home Minimal nonmodular finite ${\it p}$-groups
Pages 221-233
Zvonimir Janko,
home 2-Groups with a self-centralizing abelian subgroup of type (4,2)
Pages 235-243
Zvonimir Janko,
home On a lemma of Thompson
Pages 213-220
Yakov Berkovich,
home Coproducts for clifford algebras
Pages 207-211
Pavle Pand$\check{z}$i$\acute{c}$,
home Bounds for the size of sets with the property
Pages 199-205
Andrej Dujella,