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Glasnik Matematicki Serja III.
( Vol.37 NO.1 / 2002 )
home Basic Potential Theory of Certain Nonsymmetric Strictly $\alpha$-Stable Processes
Pages 211-233
Zoran Vondracek,
home Topologies Generated by Discrete Subspaces
Pages 187-210
A. Dow, M. G. Tkachenko, V. V. Tkachuk, R. G. Wilson,
home Span Mates and Mesh
Pages 175-186
K. T. Hallenbeck,
home Strong Expansions for Triads of Spaces
Pages 147-161
Takahisa Miyata, Tadashi Watanabe,
home New Normality Axioms and Decompositions of Normality
Pages 163-173
J. K. Kohli, A. K. Das,
home 2-Isometric Operators
Pages 141-145
S. M. Patel,
home On Redunance of One of The Axioms of a Generalized Normed Space
Pages 133-139
Dijana Ilisevic,
home Osicallatory and Asymptotic Properties of Solutions of Nonlinear Fourth Order Difference Equations
Pages 119-131
E. Thandapani, I. M. Arockiasamy,
home Periodic Solution of a First Order Noncovex Hamiltonian System
Pages 101-118
Lavoslav Caklovic,
home On Certain Characterizations and Integral Representations of Chatterjea's Generalized Bessel Polynomial
Pages 93-100
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan, Khursheed Ahmad,
home Koebe Domain of Starlike Functions of Complex Order with Montel Normalization
Pages 89-92
Yasar Polatoglu, Metin Bolcal, Arzu Sen,
home Integral Inequalities for Polynomials Having a Zero of Order $m$ at the Origin
Pages 83-88
V. K. Jain,
home Growth of Maximum Modulus of Polynomials with Prescribed Zeros
Pages 73-81
Adbul Aziz, B. A. Zargar,
home On Certain Subclasses of $p$-Valent Functions Defined in Terms of Certain Fractional Derivative Operators
Pages 59-71
R. K. Raina, T. S. Nahar,
home A Family of Square Integrable Representations of Classical $p$-Adic Groups in the Case of General Half-Integral Reducibilities
Pages 21-57
Marko Tadic,
home Notes on Galois Algebras
Pages 13-19
George Szeto, Lianyong Xue,
home On Groups $E_{25} \cdot Z_4$ as Automorphism Groups of (100, 45, 20) Symmetric Designs
Pages 1-12
Vinko Buble, Anka Golemac, Tanja Vucicic,