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Glasnik Matematicki Serja III.
( Vol.24 NO.2 / 1989 )
home Sensitivity Analysis in Data Envelopment Analysis 2
Pages 449-463
A. Charnes, L. Neralic,
home About the Classification of Proper Maps in the Category of the Finite Proper Cubic Complexes
Pages 427-448
J. I. Extremiana, L. J. Hernandez, M. T. Rivas,
home The Whitehead Theorem in Equivariant Shape Theory
Pages 417-425
A. Gaszak,
home Spans of Simple Closed Curves
Pages 405-415
Thelma West,
home A Characterization of Normal Covers of a Normal Space, II
Pages 401-403
Y. Yajima,
home On Weakly Quasi Continuous Functions
Pages 391-399
V. Popa, T. Noiri,
home Collection of Quasiextendable Maps in Functional Spaces
Pages 381-390
Z. Zivanovic,
home Open and Image-Open Multifunctions
Pages 361-380
P. Maritz,
home Sensitivity of Linear-Quadratic Systems with Delay in the State and in the Control for Perturbation of the System Matrices
Pages 355-360
L. Bogataj,
home The Adjoint Operator of the Infinitesimal Generator for the Linear Differential-Difference Equation with Delays in the State and in the Control
Pages 349-354
L. Bogataj,
home Fixed Point Theorems for Discontinuous Operators
Pages 339-348
W. R. Derrick, Lucimar Nova G,
home $\tilde{p}$-Summing Operators Defined on Tensor Products of Banach Spaces
Pages 327-338
N. Elezovic,
home Two Mean Ergodic Theorems for Cosine Operator Functions and Semigroups
Pages 305-326
F. Vajzovic, M. V. Radic,
home Real Function Algebras and Their Sets of Antisymmetry
Pages 297-304
M. Grzesiak,
home A One-Dimensional Model of Homogenized Rod
Pages 271-290
M. Jurak, Z. Tutek,
home Resolvent Estimates for Singularly Perturbed Elliptic Operators
Pages 247-270
B. Najman,