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Communications in Partial Differential Equations
( Vol.26 NO.7 / 2001 )
home Semiclassics of the Quantum Current in a Strong Constant Magnetic Field
Pages 1427-1496
S. Fournais,
home Large Time Behavior of Solutions to Some Degenerate Parabolic Equations
Pages 1385-1408
N. Igbida,
home Global Uniqueness and Stability in Determining Coefficients of Wave Equations
Pages 1409-1425
Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov, Masahiro Yamamoto,
home The Lax-Mizohata Theorem for Nonlinear Cauchy Problems
Pages 1367-1384
Seiichiro Wakabayashi,
home Low Regularity Solutions of the Dirac Klein-Gordon Equations in Two Space Dimensions
Pages 1345-1366
Nikolaos Bournaveas,
home Tempered Operators and the Heat Kernel and Complex Powers of Elliptic Pseudodifferential Operators
Pages 1253-1321
Paul Loya,
home Local Theory in Critical Spaces for Compressible Viscous and Heat-Conductive Gases
Pages 1183-1233
Raphael danchin,
home Time-Asymptotic Stability of Boundary-Layers for a Hyperbolic Relaxation System
Pages 1323-1343
Hailiang Liu, Wen-An Yong,
home Convergence of a Relaxation Approximation to a Boundary Value Problem for Conservation Laws
Pages 1235-1252
Roberto Natalini, Andrea Terracina,
home Stability of the Energy Minimizing Map $x/|x|$
Pages 1175-1181
Toru Nakajima,
home Holder Regularity of Solutions of PDE's : A Geometrical View
Pages 1145-1173
H. Aimar, L. Forzani, R. Toledano,
home Bounded Absorbing Sets for the Navier-Stokes Equations of Compressible Fluid
Pages 1133-1144
Eduard Feireisl, Hana Petzeltova,
home A Barrier Boundary Value Problem for Parabolic and Elliptic Equations
Pages 1117-1132
C. -K. Chen,
home Conjugate Operators from Dispersion Curves for Perturbations of Fibered SyStems in Cylinders
Pages 1091-1115
T. Bouhennache, J. Sahbani,