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Communications in Partial Differential Equations
( Vol.23 NO.5 / 1998 )
home A Note on Lax-Mizohata Theorem for Quasilinear Equations
Pages 1111-1122
Karen Yagdjian,
home Hyperbolicity of Two by Two Systems with Two Independent Variables
Pages 1061-1110
Tatsuo Nishitani,
home Convergence of Domain Decomposition Methods Via Semi-Classical Calculus
Pages 1007-1060
Frederic Nataf, Francis Nier,
home Global Solutions to the Cauchy Problem of the Storkes Approximation Equations for Two-Dimensional Compressible Flows
Pages 985-1006
Lu Min, Alexander V. kazhikhov, Seiji Ukai,
home A Nonlinear Fabes-Stroock Result
Pages 967-984
Ken Fok,
home Removable Singularities of Weak Solutions to the Navier-Stokes Equations
Pages 949-966
Hideo Kozono,
home Spectral Asymptotics for compactly Supported Pertyrbations of the Laplacian on $R^n4
Pages 933-948
T. Christiansen,
home Continuity in finite Time of Entropy Solutions for Nonconvex Conservation Laws with Reaction Term
Pages 913-932
Corrado Mascia,
home Energy Estimates and the Wave Map Problem
Pages 887-912
Manoussos G. Grillakis,
home Asumptotic Stability of Critical Viscous Shock Waves for a Degenerate Hyperbolic Viscous Conservation Laws
Pages 869-886
I-Liang Chern, Ming Mei,
home A boundary Value Problem for a Class of Quasilinear Ultraparabolic Equations
Pages 847-868
F. Lascialfari, D. Morbidelli,
home Existence of Holder Continuous Weak Solutions for Degenerate Quasi-linear Elliptic Systems
Pages 831-846
Makoto Araki,
home On the Non-local Approximation of Free-discontinuity Problems
Pages 817-830
Andrea Braides, Adriana Garroni,
home On the Location of Spikes and Profile of Nodal Solutions for a Singularly Perturbed Neumann Problem
Pages 793-816
Ezzat S. Noussair, Juncheng Wei,
home Logarithmic Terms in Asymptotic Expansions of Heat Operator Traces
Pages 777-792
Peter B. Gilkey, Gerd Grubb,
home Problems De Cauchy Pour Des Equations De Kirchhoff Generalisees
Pages 761-776
Gourdin Daniel, Mechab Mustapha,