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Communications in Partial Differential Equations
( Vol.20 NO.9 / 1995 )
home On Nonexistence of any $\lambda _0$-Invariant positive harmonic Function, A Counter Example to Strook's Conjecture
Pages 1831-1846
Yehuda Pinchover,
home Scatting theory for $N$-particle Systems in Constant Magnetic Fields II. Long-range Interactions
Pages 1791-1830
C.Gerard, I.Laba,
home On the Local Solvability of Semilinear Equations
Pages 1777-1789
Jorge Hounie, Paulo Santiago,
home Paradifferential Operators and Commutator Estimates
Pages 1743-1775
Pascal Auscher, Michael R. Taylor,
home Existence and Multilicity Results for Some Superlinear Elliptic Problems on $R^N$
Pages 1725-1741
Thomas Bartsch, Zhi-Qiang Wang,
home Microlocal Analiticity for the Canonical Solution to $\bar{\partial}_b$ on Some Rigid Weakly Pseudoconvex Hypersurfaces in $C^2$
Pages 1647-1667
Makhlouf Derridj, David S. Tattakoff,
home Large Time Behavior of Elementary Waves of Burger's Equation under Whitw Noise Perturation
Pages 1699-1723
Hitao Fan,
home Short-time Solution of the Time Wedge Potential Flow Equation in the Wedge
Pages 1669-1697
Gregory Eskin,
home Consertvation Laws for the Relativistic p-system
Pages 1605-1646
Jing Chen,
home Spectrally Determined Singularities in a Potential
Pages 1553-1587
Consyantine J. Callias,
home The Cachy Problem for th Wave Equation in an Inhomogeneous Medium
Pages 1589-1603
D. Eidus,
home A Varitional Calculus for Discontinuous Solutions of System of Conservation Laws
Pages 1491-1552
Alberto Bressan, Andrea Marson,
home Applications of the Implicit Function Theorem to Quasilinear Elliptic Boundary Value Problem with Non-smooth Data
Pages 1457-1479
L. Recke,
home Rearrangenments in Stedy Multiple Votex Flows
Pages 1481-1490
Alan R. Elcrat, Kenneth G. Miller,