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Communications in Partial Differential Equations
( Vol.20 NO.5 / 1995 )
home Porous Media Flow as the Limit of a Nonstrictly Hyperbolic System of Conservation Laws
Pages 961-1032
Rubino B,
home Non-linear Interaction of a Cusp and a Plane
Pages 961-1032
Richard B. Melrose, Antonio Sa Barreto,
home The Cauchy-Kowalevskaya Theorem and Generalizations
Pages 939-960
Peter Ebenfelt, Harold S. Shapiro,
home A Variational Analysis of the Thermal Equilibrium State of Charged Quantum Fluids
Pages 885-900
Frank Pacard, Andreas Unterreiter,
home Unique Continuation for Solutions to PDE$^\prime$s; Between Hormander$^\prime$s Theorem and Holmgren$^\prime$s Theorem
Pages 855-884
Daniel Tataru,
home On the Spectrum of Hyperbolic Semigroups
Pages 901-938
Herbert Koch, Daniel Tataru,
home Lower Bounds for the Number of Eigenvalue Branches for the Schrodinger Operator H-lW in a Gap of H: The Case of Indefinite W
Pages 827-854
S.Z. Levendorskii,
home Regularity of Solutions of a Second Order Hamilton-Jacobi Equation and Application to a Control Problem
Pages 775-826
Fausto Gozzi,
home Second Order Elliptic Operators with Essential Spectrum $[0, \infty)$ on $L^p$
Pages 763-774
El-Maati Ouhabaz,
home Scattering for Hydrogen-Like Systems in a Constant Magnetic Field
Pages 741-762
Izabella Laba,
home The Weak Vorticity Formulation of the 2-D Euler Equations and Concentration-Cancellation
Pages 1077-1104
Steven Schochet,
home Lower Bounds on the Number of Scattering Poles Under Lines Parallel to the Real Axis
Pages 729-740
Leon S. Farhy,
home On a Neumann Problem with Critical Exponent and Critical Nonlinearity on the Boundary
Pages 1043-1076
Dario Pierotti, Susanna Terracini,
home A Two Time Theorem for the Wave Equation
Pages 1033-1042
Daniel M. Oberlin,