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Annales Polonici Mathematici
( Vol.66 NO.1 / 1997 )
home On the intertwinings of regular dilations
Pages 105-121
Dumtru Gaspar, Nicolae Suciu,
home Covariant differential operators and Green's functions
Pages 77-103
Miroslav Englis, Jaak Peetre,
home The Jacobian Conjecture in case of "non-negative coefficients"
Pages 67-75
Ludwik M. Druzkowski,
home the strongest vector space topology is locally convex on separable linear subspaces
Pages 275-282
W. Zelazko,
home On strongly monotone flows
Pages 269-274
Wolfgang Walter,
home On a property of weak resolvents and its application to a spectral problem
Pages 263-268
Yoichi Uetake,
home Circular operators related to some quantum observables
Pages 253-261
Waclaw Szymanski,
home Analytic formulas for the hyperbolic distance between two contractions
Pages 239-252
Ion Suciu,
home $C^\infty$-vectors and boundedness
Pages 223-238
Jan Stochel, F. H. Szafraniec,
home Wiener's type regularity criteria on the complex plane
Pages 203-221
Jozef Siciak,
home A natural localization of Hardy spaces in several complex variables
Pages 183-201
Mihai Putinar, Roland Wolff,
home Selfadjoint operator matrices with finite rows
Pages 155-172
Jan Jans, Jan Stochel,
home Convergence of orthogonal series of projections in Banach spaces
Pages 137-153
Ryszard Jajte, Adam Paszkiewicz,
home Sur une algebre $Q$-symetrique
Pages 123-135
A. guichardet,
home Holomorphic bijections of algebraic sets
Pages 63-66
Slawomir Cynk, Kamil Rusek,
home Stable invariant subspaces for operators on Hilbert space
Pages 49-61
John B. Conway, Don Hadwin,
home Projectivity and lifting of Hilbert module maps
Pages 43-48
Douglas N. Clark,
home Equivalen of analytic and rational functions
Pages 37-42
J. Bochnak, M. Buchner, W. Kucharz,
home Existence of the fundamental solution of a second order evolution equation
Pages 15-35
Jan Bochenek,
home On operators with unitary $\varrho$-dilations
Pages 11-14
T. Ando, K. Takahashi,