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2018년 연구강의록

총 파일 열람 483219번

총 10764건

10704 Exact solution of two classes of prudent polygons - Uwe Schwerdtfeger ()
10703 On the Existence of $U$-Polygons of Class $cgeq 4$ in Planar Point Sets - Christian Huck ()
10702 A Note on Coincidence Isometries of Modules in Euclidean Space - Christian Huck ()
10701 Uniqueness in Discrete Tomography of Delone Sets with Long-Range Order - Christian Huck ()
10700 A note on the relation between fixed point and orbit count sequences - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10699 On the Entropy of Random Substitutions - J. Nilsson ()
10698 Colourings of cyclotomic integers with class number one - P. Bugarin ()
10697 Symmetries and reversing symmetries of trace maps - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10696 Reversing symmetry group of GL(2,Z) and PGL(2,Z) matrices with connections to cat maps and trace maps - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10695 Reversing Symmetry Groups of Cat Maps - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10694 Symmetries and reversing symmetries of toral automorphisms - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10693 Symmetries and reversing symmetries of area-preserving polynomial mappings in generalised standard form - John A. G. Roberts ()
10692 Dynamical systems on translation bounded measures: Pure point dynamical and diffraction spectra - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10691 Characterizations of model sets by dynamical systems - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10690 Random Cluster Tessellations - Kai Matzutt ()
10689 Geometry of the common dynamics of flipped Pisot substitutions - Bernd Sing ()
10688 Periodic orbits of linear endomorphisms on the 2-torus and its lattices - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10687 Planar dynamical systems with pure Lebesgue diffraction spectrum - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10686 A note on the dynamical zeta function of general toral endomorphisms - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)
10685 Limit-(quasi-)periodic point sets as quasicrystals with p-adic internal spaces? - Michael Baake (Universitat Bielefeld)