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2018년 연구강의록

총 파일 열람 483219번

총 10764건

10604 Conjugacy in Garside groups III:periodic braids - Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University)
10603 A note on closed 3-braids - Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University)
10602 Calculating the image of the second Johnson-Morita representation - Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University)
10601 Symplectic Heegaard splittings and linked abelian groups - Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University)
10600 A new twist on Lorenz links - Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University)
10599 Characteristic polynomials of pseudo-Anosov maps - Joan Birman (Barnard College-Columbia University)
10598 On weakly almost complex manifolds with vanishing decomposable Chern numbers - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10597 Elliptic curves, p-adic modular forms and Atkin''s operator U_p - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10596 Exotic multiplications on Morava K-theories and their liftings - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10595 A-infinity stuctures on some spectra related to Morava K-theory - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10594 Some chromatic phenomena in the homotopy of MSp - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10593 Elliptic genera of level N and elliptic cohomology - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10592 Continuous Morava K-theory and the geometry of the I_n-adic tower - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10591 Operations and cooperations in elliptic cohomology, Part I: Generalized modular forms and the cooperation algebra - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10590 Hecke algebras acting on elliptic cohomology - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10589 Vertex operators in algebraic topology, in `The Monster and Lie Algebras: Proceedings of a Special Research Quarter at The Ohio State University, May 1996'', edited by J. Ferrer & K. Harada - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10588 Right eigenvalues for quaternionic matrices: a topological approach - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10587 On the cohomology of some Hopf algebroids and Hattori-Stong theorems - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10586 Complex cobordism of Hilbert manifolds with some applications to flag varieties of loop groups - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)
10585 On the Adams E_2-term for elliptic cohomology, in Proceedings of the 1999 Boulder Conference - Andrew Baker (University of Glasgow)