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세계 각국에서 수상하는 수학관련 상에 대한 정보를 제공합니다.

American Mathematical Society Prizes

ams The George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics The Bocher Memorial Prize The Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra and The Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory The Levi L. Conant Prize The Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize The Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize of Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student The Award for Distinguished Public Service The Citation for Public Service AAS-AMS-APS Public Service Award The Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics The Leroy P. Steele Prizes The Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry The Albert Leon Whiteman Memorial Prize

Canadian Mathematical Society Prize Lectureships & Awards

Prize Lectureships Doctoral Prize Coxeter-James Prize Jeffery-Williams Prize Krieger-Nelson Prize G. de B. Robinson Prize Adrien Pouliot Prize Distinguished Service Award

Prizes of the European Mathematical Society

EMS Prizes Felix Klein Prize Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize

London Mathematical Society Prizes

The De Morgan Medal The Polya Prize The Senior Berwick Prize The Senior Whitehead Prize The Berwick Prize The Whitehead Prizes The Naylor Prize and Lectureship in Applied Mathematics

Australian Mathematical Society Awards

Australian Mathematical Society Medal The ANZIAM Medal The J.H. Michell Medal The George Szekeres Medal The Mahler Lecturership The B.H. Neumann Prize

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

The Abel Prize


The Crafoord Prize The Rolf Nevanlinna Prize The Wolf Prize The NSA Prize The Ostrowski Prize The NEVANLINNA Prize The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences Prizes