Elon Lindenstrauss 의 정보

수상나이 40
출생년도 1970
출생지 Jerusalem
현재소속 Hebrew University
요약 Elon Lindenstrauss is being awarded the 2010 Fields Medal for his results on measure rigidity in ergodic theory, and their applications to number theory.
Lindenstrauss has made far-reaching advances in ergodic theory, the study of measure preserving transformations. His work on a conjecture of Furstenberg and Margulis concerning the measure rigidity of higher rank diagonal actions in homogeneous spaces has led to striking applications. Specifically, jointly with Einsiedler and Katok, he established the conjecture under a further hypothesis of positive entropy. It has impressive applications to the classical Littlewood Conjecture in the theory of diophantine approximation. Developing these as well other powerful ergodic theoretic and arithmetical ideas, Lindenstrauss resolved the arithmetic quantum unique ergodicity conjecture of Rudnick and Sarnak in the theory of modular forms. He and his collaborators have found many other unexpected applications of these ergodic theoretic techniques in problems in classical number theory. His work is exceptionally deep and its impact goes far beyond ergodic theory.
+ The Anna and Lajos Erds Prize in Mathematics 2009
+Michael Bruno Memorial Award (given by the Rothschild “Yad Hanadiv” Foundation) 2008
+European Mathematical Society Prize 2004
+Salem Prize 2003
+Clay Mathematical Institute Long Term Prize Fellow 2003-2005
+Leonard M. and Eleanor B. Blumenthal Award for the Advancement of Research in Pure Mathematics 2001
+Nessyahu Prize for Ph.D. Thesis 2001
+Kennedy-Lee Prize for Ph.D. thesis 2000
+Charles Clore Scholarship (three years award) 1998
+Yashinski prize for excellence in graduate studies 1998.
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연락처 Email: elonl at math.princeton.edu
Phone: (609)258-4186
Mailing address: Department of Mathematics, Fine Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544

After September 2010:

Email: elon at math.huji.ac.il
Mailing address: Department of Mathematics, Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem 91904, ISRAEL