Maxim Kontsevich의 정보

수상나이 34
출생년도 1964
출생지 Moscow(Russia)
현재소속 I.H.E.S
연구실적 [자세히 보기]
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시상내역 Maxim Kontsevich has established a reputation in pure mathematics and theoretical physics, with influential ideas and deep insights. He has been influenced by the work of Richard Feynmann and Edward Witten. Kontsevich is an expert in the so-called "string theory" and in quantum field theory. He made his name with contributions to four problems of geometry. He was able to prove a conjecture of Witten and demonstrate the mathematical equivalence of two models of so-called quantum gravitation. Another result of Kontsevich relates to knot theory.Kontsevich has found the best "knot invariant" so far. Although knot theory is part of pure mathematics, there seem to be scientific applications.
Other Award
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