William P. Thurston의 정보
수상나이 35
출생년도 1946
출생지 Washington, D.C.
현재소속 Princeton University
연구실적 [자세히 보기]
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시상내역 Revolutionized study of topology in 2 and 3 dimensions, showing interplay between analysis, topology, and geometry. The central new idea is that a very large class of closed 3-manifolds should carry a hyperbolic structure - be the quotient of hyperbolic space by a discrete group of isometries, or equivalently, carry a metric of constant negative curvature. Although this is a natural analogue of the situation for 2-manifolds, where such a result is given by Riemann's uniformisation theorem, it is much less plausible - even counter-intuitive - in the 3-dimensional situation.
Other Award Oswald Veblen Geometry Prize(1976), Alan T Waterman Award(1979)
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